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We work for several companies from different areas and sectors, always focused on developing cohesive and quality projects. We aim to meet the expectations of contractors through an agile methodology that divides the work into well-marked steps and brings us closer to our customers. We follow the precepts of usability, focusing on user experience and development guidelines for each platform. See some projects we worked on demand:

Party guide focusing on electronic music developed for iPhone. It allows users to know the schedule of parties, view information about DJs and listen to the latest songs released, invite friends to participate and interact with event goers through chat. [Website]


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Pluggie is an iTER Telemetria app which aims to track people and teams through an iOS or Android smartphone. It is required the user authenticates his device and activates the tracking function. User tracking occurs from a management panel. [Website]

Application for medication reminders and drug price research on brazilian online pharmacies. It helps the management of medical treatment, reminding the user to take their medicines, at the appropriate time. It is free and assists in controlling the health of the users and their family. [Website]

Oi Comigo

Oi Comigo is an Oi relationship program where points of sale (POS) accumulate points and exchange for prizes. The app consists of a question and answer game, in quiz format, that allows to check and redeem points earned in the game, associated with a selected user. [Website]

iOS and Android app for tracking in companies. Displays alerts when a vehicle is triggered or when it exceeds an established geographical fence, as well as maps with the traveled route by a vehicle and a map with the location of all vehicles in a company. [Website]


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Developed in partnership with TDS, the iPad app Mídia+ provides to the users ordering and sale advertising space in the tracks of the TV programming. Using the application, users can check the daily advertising volume, browsing by weeks and perform specific searchs.


Huru is a system in the form of an Android app and a web panel for the application of security seals in varying types of equipment. It's possible to scan and validate the codes of seals and ensure the safety and maintenance of inventories and meters, for example.

The objective of Beiramar app is to make life easier for customers and make them even closer to the mall. Users can locate their cars in the parking lot, find stores and receive news. In addition, the app brings movie programming, with details of each film and allows the purchase of tickets. [Website]

Todos Com a Nota is a Pernambuco government campaign that provides soccer tickets by the exchange of fiscal receipts to points. The application, a partnership with Prosoft Informática, allows people to purchase tickets, see their transaction history, and locate a Consultation Service. [Website]

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StoryDesk is a tool for iPad which makes memorable marketing materials, transforming a static presentation in a native and interactive application. This solution combines the benefits of a custom application with the ease of independent content updates.


The Burchell Nursery

With the Burchel Nursery service users can mount their presentation for a website, adding photos and information about their products and then view it on the iPad. The application can be used for demonstration to customers, make orders and completing sales.

Hyundai Blue Link

This app shows in detail every feature of Blue Link technology, which provides information about mechanical problems, points of interest such as gas stations, and security as Geo-fence, Speed ​​Alert, Theft Recovery, Remote Access and Emergency Calls.

This iPad app was developed for Hyundai's Sonata Hybrid. Using the application is possible to dive into the details regarding the style and engineering employees in the vehicle. Additionally a photo gallery shows all the peculiarities and differences of Sonata Hybrid.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Hyundai Wheelstand

Wheelstand is an iPad app developed in partnership with Westernized Productions for use in Hyundai presentation at LA Auto Show 2011. The app features 13 Hyundai cars announced at the event, allowing the user to view and interact with three-dimensional models of the vehicles.

Vitrine is a marketing tool for companies from various sectors. The Android app allows users to take pictures, choose a frame for them and share their creations on social networks. The application has been used in Vivo, Heineken and Iguatemi Florianopolis campaigns.


EJ Africa

All charms of Africa are in the iPad app Extraordinary Journeys. A trip through the jungles of Africa, exploring all the amazing places that this continent has to offer, safaris, beaches and villages. The app was created in partnership with StoryDesk and is used as a marketing tool.

ConnectMyRide is an easy and social way to store travel and expenses for your car. Developed for the company Ubicom, the application allows the users to track the spending on their vehicles and share paths and statistics with their friends on Twitter or Facebook.



Designed for iPad tablets, AxReg is an application intended for physician audiences while performing surgical procedures. Using AxReg is possible to record the anesthetic doses, the evolutionary status of the patient and his response to the medical procedures.

Caderno de Campo is part of Paripassu's Agricultural Production System, which supports the production work from electronic cultivation controls, management plan, forecast production and harvesting. With the app, users can check the evolution of costs and sales.

Caderno de Campo

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