Research, planning,

ideation and creativity 


We come up with a model for your needs and provide you with creative solutions, aligned to your company’s strategy. We do some research to find out what is out there on the market, what can be improved and what should be created from scratch. We leverage all the application’s requirements together so that we can build up a reliable, high-quality app that fulfills your expectations.

Architecture & Design

Our engineering team discusses the app together with our designers, so they can come up with app prototypes. These discussions happen on very short cycles. You are also involved, so that we can achieve a better result. At this point the app is modelled envisioning perfomance, great user experience and extensibility.


This part of the process usually begins on the very first week. The app development happens using the most recent tools available and the best well-established design patterns on the market. The produced code is constantly revised, so issues are identified early and rapidly fixed.

Test & Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us. Although we are constantly testing the app, it is important to have you involved with testing and experiment. At the end of each one or two weeks we provide you with a build so you can feel how your app is looking like. We believe working on this fashion enables us to deliver the best app to you.

How to hire us

Time and materials

In this method, nKey offers highly capable professionals that are available and allocated exclusively to your project during the whole duration of the contract. Each 10 week days, you have the option to continue the development or discontinue it, without any hidden costs. You get all the flexibility to change the software scope at any time, paying for the time the team is available to you.



  • Reduce the risk of unmet expectations.

  • Avoid the increased cost and time required for defining all details of how the app will work.

  • Give you the speed and agility to adjust to new information you learn during the development process.

Fixed scope and fixed price

In the fixed scope and price model, nKey is commited to deliver your product at the estimated date, on the estimated budget, but the project scope cannot be changed during development. The activities are split into iterations of 10 week days each. At the end of every iteration we deliver a new version of the application that contains the features specified for that release.



  • The time and cost of development are fixed.

  • Recommended to projects of low complexity, short duration and that will not have changes or feature additions during the development phase.

  • All external dependencies must be available to nKey before the project can start.

Sprint contract

In this model, the project is developed in steps, following an specification defined at the start of each iteration. Each step has a duration of 10 week days. At the end of every step you receive a new version of the application, with the option to analyse and review the project scope and features to be implemented on the next step of development. This is usually the best option.



  • Final result fulfills your expectations exactly, as you have the opportunity to change and adapt the project specifications as the application is developed.

  • Greater interaction between client and developer reduces costs and risks.

  • Feature specifications can be changed at the start of every sprint.

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