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Native apps

Native apps are directly installed on the device, capable of taking the best out of hardware resources, like the camera, compass, accelerometer, GPS, 3D graphics and so on. This kind of application is specifically developed for a platform, not being able to execute on another operating systems (ie: an iPhone app doesn’t run on Android and vice-versa). This is likely the best option for you.


Web apps

Web apps can be accessed via a web browser. Since they are multiplatform, they can be used by Android and iOS users as well as other platforms. In opposition to native applications, web apps can’t access all device’s resources and can present variations from a device to another. Generally a web app is an adapted version of your site optimized for mobile devices.


Application server

Some applications require a very specific web service that should be available 24/7. Application servers are developed to provide such support, usually offering management services for a user database or ways to add, search, update and even process data. nKey offers you complete solutions, meaning we do what it takes to deliver a working app to you.



We make custom apps for your enterprise. We specialize in the development of native and web applications for mobile and tablet devices, including the backend services to solve your business needs.


We take care of every step of the production of an application, be it iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android, from your initial idea to publication on the App Store or to your own enterprise.


We have been working with a variety of clients, form independent software vendors, small and large companies that are using mobile to improve their processes, startups with new great ideas in the mobile space, and marketing & advertising agencies and creative studios that have been increasingly asked by their clients to leverage the mobile space.

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